Below are the terms and conditions of the usage as well as responsibility and liability while you access and/or using the services in this Portal. If you access this Portal, you are bounded to accept and be in agreement that you are legally responsible with the terms and conditions, thus there is an agreement between you as the customer, and we, have given you the access and/or usage of this Portal.

These terms and conditions will replace the previous terms and conditions that you have received or accessed via this Portal. Your usage and/or access of this service will be considered as the acceptance of these terms and conditions

The Limit of Liability

You clearly understand and agree that we are not responsible to any form of damages, either it is directly or indirectly, that are related to the specific, order or exemplary, inclusive of but is not limited to any damages in the form of profits lost, trust or any damages that are not obvious as the result from:

(1)the usage or the disability of using this service;

(2) items obtain costing and service replacement due to buying of anything, data, information or services or messages that was received or transaction that was done via or from this Portal;

(3) unauthorised access or changes in the sending or your data;

(4) statements or actions from the third party in this Portal; or

(5) any other matter that are related to this Portal


We can provide you with the links to other Portals. The Portals are owned and managed by a third party thus; we are not liable for any restrictions and boundaries to the Portals and their contents. You by now admit and agree that we are not responsible and liable towards the Portals and the outside sources and shall not support and be responsible for any content, advertisement, products or any other things that was prepared in the Portal and the sources. You shall admit and agree next that we are not responsible, either directly or indirectly, to any damage or lost that was caused by or that was believed to be the reason or to be the grounds with the usage or suspend to the content, products or services that was provided at or through the Portal or the source.