Assalamualaikum wbt

I would like to welcome you, YB Dato'/Datin/Mr/Mrs of your visit to the Padang Terap District Council's Website. I would also like express my gratitude to all parties and MAMPU that help to actualise the existence of the Padang Terap District Council's Website. By having this website, it is hope that all information will be able to be channelled faster to all the people especially the residents in the jurisdiction of the Council. It is also hoped that the people in the district of Padang Terap will make use of this website for the purpose of receiving the services as well as giving useful feedbacks on the services that they have received. Other than the cooperations in improving and maintaining the cleanliness of this district it is also hoped that the populace of this district to play a role in developing this district by using this website as a mediator.

The existence of a good and effective networking between the council and the society will create an organisation that is capable to provide good services. Besides that, the existence of the business opportunity is hoped to encourage the involvement of the populace in the economic activities. The existence of of a clean and beautiful environment throughout the jurisdiction will make Padang Terap as a district complete with various infrastructures, public amenities and recreational facilities. Lastly, Padang Terap is hoped to develop. Thank you.


Ybhg. Kol. Bersekutu Datuk Haji Md. Shuhaime bin Abd Rahman, PJN., AMK., BCK., ASK.
Head of Municipal Council,
Padang Terap Municipal Council